Thursday, January 15, 2015

Working on setting my Farmer's Wife blocks

I laid out what I have so far and decided that I need at least two more rows long and wide. With those added I'll be at 72" square. It will probably need two additional rows after that to get the length I need for a twin. It would then be 72" x 88"...a decent size. I don't really want to add borders to it. Trying to give it an vintage look.

All of the blocks will have a Snow White border around them. I add oversized scraps of the white...
Then using one of my favorite rulers...log cabin trim tool:
I center the ruler over my block and trim around it...getting a perfect 8-1/2" block.
There's a great 6" marking line on this ruler making it perfect for these...also a nice tool for log cabin blocks. I did a demo for this ruler a couple of years ago. Had to own one after I saw how easy it was to use. It comes in 8" and 12" size. I'm planning on buying the 12" next.

Doing lots of chain stitching today too. This is the quickest way to get the setting blocks made....and I have LOADS to make yet.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Farmer's Wife settings

Today I'm working on settings for Farmers Wife. I am giving a settings class in Febuary at Hearts to Holly and will be showing a few different settings. One will be a popular way I've seen online... One block straight, next on point. These blocks pictured below will be set that way. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Orphan solid block quilt

 Yesterday I laid out my solid blocks to see how my collection was coming along. Whenever I try out a block to see if I like it or to check the size, I make it in a solid. When I have enough blocks, I'm planning to make a sampler quilt....looks like I have a ways to go.

 Al and I are in the process of building a house...and we've come to a hiccup of sorts. I found our DREAM lot....after we already had started this house..above. SO...we will be selling this one in the spring when it's dry walled...then start ALL over again. So I may not have a house (sewing room) for another year. But I think it'll be worth the wait...below is the new lot. Love our view!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Years

 With the new year here, I decided to try to get back to my quilting. This sweet little guy has had most of my attention since he came in August. I'm having a great time babysitting him.
Noticing how he's snuggled into a couple of quilts? The one on the bottom was made by my wonderful online quilt friends...his quilty aunties. And the one on top was made by his actual auntie...Lisa. He still hasn't received his airplane quilt from me...soon, little guy, soon.
 So one of my projects the other day was to find my farmers wife blocks that I had made before our move. I figured there was a chance that they were in the storage room....they were...on the bottom of a pile that stacked almost to the ceiling. Was about the 20th box I opened. You could hear the screams of joy for blocks! NOW to get this quilt finished up. We have a final "FINISHING" class coming up in Febuary. This is only one of the possible settings for our 6" blocks.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A couple more farmers wife blocks

Worked on Farmers Wife today. Finished up two blocks...Sawtooth #76 (above) and Darting Birds #27 (below).

Darting Birds has 60 pieces! I used 1" half square triangle papers to make the 24 HSTs....much quicker and very accurate. This block is really four small (3-1/2") blocks to make the 6-1/2" Darting Birds. The 4 small blocks are put together as a 9 patch...3 rows of 3.

Before you start, it really helps to give your fabric a good spray of starch and press well....keeps the fabric from stretching. With all the seams in these little blocks, every bit of acuracy counts.

Before pulling off my triangle papers, I folded it back and trimmed the points. 
The paper shows where to cut by following the edge...also helps because you're cutting off that stitching in the seam from traveling from HST to HST.
To make the 9 patches, I set them up on my board as they will be stitched.

Then I sew piece 1 and 2 from row 1, then 1 and 2 from row 2 and finally 1 and 2 from row 3.
Next add third piece to each row and leave the threads attached.

The threads keep your rows in order. 
Press your rows. I press the seams on row one and three to the outside, press the seams on row two to the inside. This will LOCK your seams as you sew. Sew row one to row 2

Then add row three.

Press the quarter block, repeat 3 more times.
Now you put it all together like a 4 patch.
I make ALL my seams a SCANT 1/4" to make up for the thickness of thread in a seam.